reporting archæologist


Jens Notroff is a Berlin-based archaeologist, illustrator, and science communicator (also holding a degree in history and journalism) involved in research projects and excavations from Scandinavia to the Middle East.

His research interests include the Neolithic period and Bronze Age, with a particular concern for the representation of power in prehistoric societies, places of cult  as well as burial customs and mortuary ritual (with a peculiar curiosity for so-called deviant burials).

Still not accepting he might be a bit late for the ‘golden age’ of exploration, Jens spares no effort reaching remote destinations in pursuit of  sites and sights, journal and sketchbook inevitable travel companions.

He is also vehemently advocating for the resurrection of the respectable profession of the ‘expedition painter’ – and is gladly contributing his share: Pen on desk, drawing kit in field pack, boot in dust.