Participation, planning, and realisation of expeditions and excursions aimed at scientific sourcing and information gathering.
Sailing experience (here: Kornati Islands, Croatia 2010). (Photo: U.S.)
Sailing among Kornati Islands, Croatia 2010.
(Photo: U. Sebastian)

Next to a couple of excavation expeditions from Germany and Poland to Romania, Turkey, and Jordan, previous ventures included kayaking expeditions to Greenland on Viking tracks, trips to the Baltic Sea region evaluating material remains of medieval and early modern trading bases in comparison to historical sources, visiting indigenious Guanche sites of the Canary Islands, excavation and preservation of World War II monuments and sites, as well as the documentation of renaturation effects on abandoned human-made structures.

Several kayaking expeditions (here: western Greenland 2011). (Photo: K.S.)
Western Greenland 2011.
(Photo: K. Sebastian)
Aviation fascination and first basic flight experience (here: Antonov AN-2, Germany 2012). (Photo: N.N.)
Antonov AN-2, Germany 2012.
(Photo: N. N.)