Print & Online

“The world’s oldest known stone structure may hold a morbid secret” by Jamie Seidel for The Daily Telegraph (28.06.2017).

“The World’s Oldest Known Temple Was Home to a ‘Skull Cult’” by Becky Ferreira for (28.06.2017).

“Stars in their eyes” by CWA staff for Current World Archaeology 83/2017 (25.05.2017).

“Scientists Think These Ancient Carvings Depict an Apocalyptic Comet Impact” by Becky Ferreira for (03.05.2017).

“13,000-Year-Old Tablet In Mysterious Temple Reveals Ancient Comet Impact” by Robin Andrews for IFLScience (24.04.2017).

“Das Rätsel der Zivilisation” by Felix Firme & Isabella Galanty for Berliner Zeitung (08./09.04.2017).

“Our 9,000-Year Love Affair With Booze” by Andrew Curry for National Geographic Magazine (February 2017).

“World’s Oldest Temple to Be Restored. The ancient site of Göbekli Tepe in Turkey has rewritten the early history of civilization” by Andrew Curry for National Geographic (20.02.2016).

“Ancient Aliens in Bulgaria! Plus: A German Interview with Jens Notroff on Pseudohistory at Göbekli Tepe” by Jason Colavito for (16.11.2015).

“Before farming, writing, or the wheel, humans began perfecting the skyscraper” by Cara Giaimo for Atlas Obscura (16.10.2015).

“Hunter, gatherer… architect? Civilisation’s true dawn” by David Robson for New Scientist (02.10.2013).

“World’s oldest temple built to worship the dog star” by Anil Ananthaswamy for New Scientist (14.08.2013).

“The Sanctuary. The world’s oldest temple and the dawn of civilisation.” by Elif Batuman for The New Yorker (19.12.2011).

“The Birth of Religion” by Charles C. Mann (Photography by Vincent J. Musi) for National Geographic Magazine (June 2011).

Audio & Video

“Garden of Eden” – Secrets, season 4, episode 8, by blink films for Smithsonian Channel (2017). [German: “Der Garten Eden”, Aufgedeckt – Rätsel der Geschichte for ZDF info.]

“Göbekli Tepe, Bad Fox, No Comet”Archy Fantasies podcast, episode 73, by Serra Zander with Jeb Card for The Archaeology Podcast Network (2017).

“Gateway to Eden” – What on Earth, season 3, episode 6, by WAG TV for Discovery, Science Channel (2016).

“Sesshaft dank Bier” – Science Slam Berlin 14.12.2016, video via Science Slam (2016).

“Glaube versetzt Steine. Über die Anfänge von Religion und Zivilisation” – radio feature by Volkart Wildermuth for Deutschlandfunk (2016).

1. Berliner Antiquity Slam – Science Slam Berlin 02.11.2016, video via L.I.S.A. – Das Wissenschaftsportal der Gerda Henkel Stiftung (2016).

“After-Work-Partys in der Steinzeit” – interview by Shelly Kupferberg for kulturradio rbb (2016).

“Göbekli Tepe, a conversation with Jens Notroff” – Anarchaeologist podcast, episode 30, by Tristan Boyle for The Archaeology Podcast Network (2016).

“Lokman Bizim Şehirde: Bölüm Şanlıurfa” – documentary by Lokman Dağ for TV360 (2015).

“The Mystery of an Ancient Pyramid – subterranean tunnel excavations in Mexico” – documentary film for Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (2014).

“Taşların Dili – Göbeklitepe – Özgür Uygarlıklar” – documentary film by Şarküteri Prodüksiyon for İZ TV (2013).

“Göbekli Tepe – Der älteste Tempel der Menschheit” – documentary film by maakii GmbH for Westdeutscher Rundfunk (2013).


“Feiern in der Jungsteinzeit” by Angelika Franz for P.M. History (April 2017).

“Göbekli Tepe: In the Eyes of the Excavation Team” by Burcu Basar for Bizarre Journeys (17.01.2017).

“Göbekli Tepe ile İlgili Tüm Merak Ettikleriniz: Jens Notroff Röportajı” by arkeofili staff for arkeofili (18.09.2016). [English translation here]

“Göbekligate! Ein verschwörerisches Interview mit Jens Notroff” by László Matthias Simon-Nando for ARCHäologische PHANTastereien (08.11.2015).

“Sketches from the Field: Interview with Archeologist Jens Notroff” by Joanna Riquett for Hayo Magazine (08.09.2015).